Open (Re)source for Commerce in Horticulture aided by species Identification Systems


Title of Proposal                                 :      Open (Re)source for Commerce in Horticulture aided by species Identification Systems (Orchis)

Programme Component                    :      Asia-Invest ALLIANCE

Types of Activity                                :      Institutional Reinforcement

Duration of the Project (in months) :      30

Project Abstract:

a)    The Project Objectives

The project aims to enhance the export capabilities of Lao PDR in the valuable flora of the country by promoting best practices in trade aided by open source based IT&C tools furthering the integration of Lao PDR in information society. The project also aims at reinforcing institutional capabilities of Lao PDR to better adhere to international commitments made in conventions like CITES  by preventing illegal trade of red-listed orchid species .


b)    Brief Keyword Description of the Main Activities

By reinforcing institutional capabilities of the country and by preventing illegal trade of red-listed orchid species, the project will help the custom officers to distinguish the common, non-endangered orchid species from the endangered orchid species. Such a tool will be helpful to limit their illegal export across borders.

The project work plan is divided into 4 overlapping activities over a period of 30 months:

1.        Project launch, preparation of a web site and definition of data exchange format

2.        Collection of botanical data on the orchids of Laos and creation of a living collection of those orchids

3.        Data Integration in the IDAO knowledge base to identify orchids of Laos

4.        Training sessions and assessment of the perception of the Orchis tool. Launching of the CD, the web based and the PDA versions. Meeting with horticulturists to promote the multiplication of collected orchids and export capabilities.

c)    Key indicators

1.        Collection of wild species

2.        CD Rom and Open Source version of the identification software of orchids

3.        Training of Custom officers

4.        Dissemination seminars in Europe and Lao PDR for dissemination of trade opportunities on orchids from the country.

Applicant Details:

Institution Name      :        Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement  (CIRAD)

Address                   :        Bd de la Lironde TA 40 / PS2 - 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5

Country                    :        France

Contact Person       :        Mr. Daniel Barthelemy

Tel                            :        00 33 4 67 61 65 36

Fax                          :        00 33 4 67 61 56 68

E-mail                      :

Partners’ Details :

Faculty of Science,
National University of Lao PDR


Name: Dr. Bouakhaykhone Svengsuksa
Tel.: (856-21) 770173
Fax: (856-21) 770173

Nationaal Herbarium Nederland,
University of Leiden

the Netherlands

Name: Mr. André Schuiteman
Tel.: (31-71) 5273553
Fax: (31-71) 5273511